Featured Phone Company: TollfreeNumber.ORG

We are highlighting a special phone company today. TollfreeNumber.ORG for 800 numbers and Toll free numbers. This company has been operating in the 800 toll-free business since the late 90’s. They have an excellent reputation in the telecom industry and among their customers. They have contributed to the vast database of telecom knowledge now available on the Internet helping educate people and promote awareness about toll-free telephone numbers.

There are hundreds of choices you can choose when establishing your phone service for your business, TollfreeNumber.ORG is just one of many great companies out there that will come highly recommended. You can view our provider list to view a full list of approved providers.


Free Cell Service provided to Low-Income Citizens

Free cell phones are now being provided to needy residents of the U.S. The program is called SafeLink and is intended for low-income families and anyone receiving Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income and other government assistance programs. Safelink is being hailed as a safety program for those who cannot afford phones to stay in touch with […]

eHarmony Exposes Customer Data – eMail Spam

eHarmony.com, the self-proclaimed “#1 Trusted Online Dating Site” has been accused of leaking customer data to outside 3rd parties which are now spamming eHarmony customers.

The eMail privacy breach was detected by an eHarmony user who uses unique eMail addresses in the websites of major companies to test for spam. If the user begins getting spam to their unique email address, then the company is either sending spam or has revealed its email database to a third party.

In the case of eHarmony, the proposed eMails are comming from at least one rouge entity:
Coupons@CrabandGrab.com in an email saying that you can save thousands by signing up for crabandgrab.com, a spam scam.

eHarmony users should be cognisant of spam and aware that eHarmony is not protecting your personal data in the way that most would expect.

The eHarmony forums have multiple people complaining that they are getting a lot of spam AFTER signing up for eHarmony. Beware.

Toll-Free Number Advisory

Telephone users are reporting that they are receiving a series of hangup calls into their toll free phone numbers, all seconds apart from the following CallerIDS:

8:19:18 PM 260-387-7348 FORT WAYNE IN 17secs
8:17:11 PM 224-567-8057 DES PLAINES IL 17secs
8:14:11 PM 612-353-5058 MINNEAPOLIS MN 17secs
8:13:40 PM 281-781-8483 HOUSTON TX 19secs
8:13:28 PM 952-681-2418 SAINT PAUL MN 17secs
8:13:17 PM 517-709-3511 LANSING MI 17secs
8:13:09 PM 317-362-0923 INDIANAPOLIS IN 17secs
8:12:59 PM 734-992-8078 ROMULUS MI 18secs
8:12:46 PM 816-625-1392 BATES CITY MO 17secs
8:12:28 PM 281-781-8712 HOUSTON TX 19secs
7:56:39 PM 224-567-8057 DES PLAINES IL 18secs
7:56:37 PM 260-387-7348 FORT WAYNE IN 22secs
7:54:35 PM 952-681-2418 SAINT PAUL MN 18secs
7:54:32 PM 612-353-5058 MINNEAPOLIS MN 17secs
7:53:35 PM 281-781-8483 HOUSTON TX 18secs
7:53:35 PM 816-625-1392 BATES CITY MO 19secs
7:53:23 PM 517-709-3511 LANSING MI 19secs
7:52:53 PM 317-362-0923 INDIANAPOLIS IN 17secs
7:52:53 PM 734-992-8078 ROMULUS MI 17secs
7:51:43 PM 281-781-8712 HOUSTON TX 17secs
952-681-2418 NE
816-625-1392 MO
224-567-8057 IL
612-353-5058 MN
260-387-7348 IN
517-709-3511 MI
281-781-8483 TX
734-992-8078 MI
843-737-5881 SC
402-574-7000 NE
214-535-1575 TX
918-808-8189 OK
559-515-8268 CA
501-414-0702 AR
559-412-4328 CA
717-454-0952 PA
857-496-1952 MA
571-312-7578 VA
508-305-2992 MA
706-550-0319 GA
215-921-5783 PA
503-746-7813 OR
239-676-9529 FL
305-639-8376 FL
804-562-2561 VA
941-445-4601 FL
860-495-5897 CT
901-791-4911 TN
908-349-8504 NJ
732-202-7734 NJ
916-333-3179 CA
503-396-5283 OR
561-429-8186 FL
865-951-0793 TN
904-240-1838 FL
302-482-2039 DE
571-379-7182 VA
410-497-5342 MD
570-909-9992 PA
860-495-5891 CT
857-404-0951 MA
781-269-5983 MA
774-565-0949 MA
267-909-9885 PA
908-431-5210 NJ
904-683-1326 FL
240-499-8651 MD
408-982-5824 CA
206-588-1317 WA
281-781-8712 TX
425-835-0213 WA
505-717-1216 NM
720-242-8707 CO
609-388-4925 NJ
360-627-8407 WA
443-708-0014 MD
510-314-0163 CA
804-562-2535 VA
520-395-0988 AZ
209-451-0663 CA
360-210-0986 WA
360-314-6056 WA
774-565-0950 MA
856-617-0107 NJ
770-864-9993 GA
707-843-3497 CA
425-949-7290 WA
678-310-0989 GA
303-955-0967 CO
724-702-0952 PA
412-875-6698 PA
318-670-7234 LA
857-342-7992 MA
770-694-6991 GA
860-495-5850 CT
860-495-5852 CT
661-380-4845 CA
505-281-9670 NM
317-373-8409 IN
310-614-6430 CA

St. Paul, MN – Since issuing a press release on Force One Events – a Woodbury, Minnesota company ostensibly offering consumers work-at-home employment opportunities via the Internet – in September of 2009, the Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota (BBB) has continued to monitor the company’s claims and myriad online operations.

Based on a recent review, the BBB has determined the company is still making deceptive claims in regard to money-making opportunities they allegedly offer through the purchase of their software and training programs on various websites they operate.

“This company has a pattern of making clear promises of easy wealth, but offering scant details on how potential subscribers actually make money,” said Dana Badgerow, president and CEO of the BBB. “They also change company names regularly and juggle websites, but their offer always remains the same. We dispute their claims and feel the only way anyone could make any money by signing up with them is by recruiting more people to buy these training programs. Ultimately, there is no end product or service for consumers.”

What drew the attention of the BBB in 2009, besides an unsatisfactory record due to complaints which had gone unanswered, was a reference on http://www.3hourprofits.com, one of the company’s websites – now disabled – which referred to an organization called BBB Reviews.org, a non-existent entity designed to imply an association with the Better Business Bureau. BBB Reviews.org was taken down shortly after the BBB publicized the existence of the site and disavowed any connection to it. Force One Events currently has an “F” rating due to unanswered complaints and concerns about the company’s – and their related entities – business practices.

The BBB believes that Force One Events, Inc. and company owner, Dan Miller, are doing business under a variety of names. Information in our files indicates that some of these business names have included or may include: Powerline100, IPC Progam, Click Marketing Inc., Extreme Wealth Formula, Lead Net Pro, Productive Pathways.com, Elite Sales Incentives, Elevations Group VIP and Mimzing.com. In regard to these entities, we have been able to confirm direct connections to either Dan Miller or Force One Events in some instances, but not all. Other affiliations have been alleged in customer complaints we’ve received. The BBB has requested basic information from this company but has not received a response. In a letter sent to the BBB back in January of this year, the company alleged they had previously sent information providing requested information regarding their operations. The BBB has no record of this documentation.

The most recent complaints filed against the subsidiary entity called Lead Net Pro state that the company’s software caused their computers to crash and the company has refused to provide refunds. Force One Events has refused to respond to these complaints, denying they are connected to Lead Net Pro. However, in a recent secret-shopping of Lead Net Pro, a BBB employee received several e-mailed confirmations signed by Dan Miller, owner of Force One Events.

The Better Business Bureau advises customers to be leery of any money-making offers that sound too good to be true, and provides the following tips to identify work-at- home offers. Work-at-home offers will:

LeadNetPRO CEO Dan Miller – 651-278-7337
corporate number: 612-605-8640

Cloud-Based Virtual Phone Services Increase In Popularity

Between January and June 2011 compared to the same time last year, mobile app voicemail retrieval has increased 180 percent.

The number of consumers using both toll-free and local cloud-based phone numbers has also doubled in the last year.

Source: Gaebler

Still, for the security conscious business owner, cloud-based communications has it’s downsides seeing as how cyber security in the cloud is nonexistent in some proven cases. Furthermore, most Cloud Companies do not even know about the security holes that are in their system that can allow any computer user access to all phone data sent through their cloud-based system.

Unpublished flaws in cloud-based virtual phone systems and the software they use are rampant and the bottomline is that there is no security. This has been proven within a number of the largest RESPORGS and security holes continue to reveal themselves constantly.

About 844 Numbers….

Since we mentioned the 844 area code toll free phone numbers two days ago in this blog, we have been receiving inquiries about this coveted pool of unused toll free phone numbers, currently held by the FCC for future use. As of this time, we do not know exactly when they will be released to the public for use, however we expect it will be within the next year or so. What we do know, given the growing demand for toll free numbers, is that is will likely be as a big a success as the new 855 area code numbers.

Custom Toll Free Named in 100 Fastest-Growing Private Companies by Puget Sound Business Journal

The Puget Sound Business Journal has named The Rugly Group d.b.a Custom Toll Free as a 2011 Top 100 Fastest-Growing Private Company. Custom Toll Free and the other companies listed are to be profiled in the October 14th, 2011 special publication and honored at an event on October 12th, 2011 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, WA.

According to the PSBJ website, “This is the 16th year for the Business Journal’s flagship award program. Each year, companies vie for a coveted spot on this dynamic list. To be considered, each must submit to the Business Journal its revenue figures for the past three years. Companies with the highest percentage revenue growth between 2008 and 2010 make the list…”


During First Year, 855 Huge Success

With the first anniversary of the new 855 area code toll free telephone numbers just weeks away, we can all agree the release of 855 was a resounding success. 855 numbers are more popular every day–at large corporations, small businesses and for personal use. Nobody could have predicted quite how popular 855 would be–and how well recognized they are by the consumer as a toll free phone call. If the demand keeps up, the 844 area code toll free phone numbers should be released soon.

Federal and State Safety Numbers Established

With the tenth anniversary of 9/11 attacks just days away, individual states are establishing toll free telephone numbers as part of the federal If you See Something, Say Something Campaign to thwart terrorist attacks. This program is aimed at advising residents of every community nationwide to report any unusual activity–even if it seems harmless. A bag left on a busy subway or in a public rest room or a car/van/truck parked in a public for long periods with nobody attending to it are just of the activities that should be reported. To learn your state’s toll free telephone numbers as part of If you See Something. Say Something call your local representative.

Hurricane Irene and Toll Free Connections

In the wake of Hurricane Irene which devastated communities from the Carolinas to New England, government agencies, non-profits and insurance companies are very busy connecting through toll free phone service to those impacted by the storm. Both existing numbers and newly established toll free telephone numbers are active as customers reach out for much-needed assistance. Toll free ensures that the communities connect with those who can bring them relief.