We Are Monitoring The 855 Situation

Please pass this along too all those who have expressed interest in getting an 855 toll free area code phone numbers the minute they are released: We are monitoring the situation carefully and will keep our readers posted on all new developments. We do know that an official recommendation has been made to the FCC and that it appears the 855 combinations will be released at some point in the near future. We will continue to keep all our readers posted and as soon as we hear anything at all about 855 numbers we will let you know through this blog.

How Many New Numbers With 855?

How many new toll free phone numbers will the pending 855 area codes provide us? A lot. Millions. There are 10,000 new numbers with each digit sequence. For instance, 855-111-???? would give us 10,000 new numbers. Many sequential digits are removed from the equation so the number is not an absolute. However, these millions of new possibilities would offer businesses many marketing options and help companies reach consumers in the best way possible–through a toll free phone call. Subscribers will be able to add additional toll free numbers or get brand new ones with the 855 area code. Its been a decade since the previous toll free area code was released. It is time for 855.