Interesting Editorial For Discussion

Susan Crawford, a University of Michigan Law School professor and former special assistant to President Obama recently wrote an editorial for the New York Times, urging the FCC to reclassify ISPs as “telecommunications services” instead of “information services” This would backtrack a 2005 decision to deregulate the sector. According to Crawford, the FCC has the legal authority to change the label back again, as long as it can provide “a good reason.”


Toll Frees Provide Convenience Over Local Numbers

The popularity of 1-800 numbers is surpassing that of local phone numbers at rates exceeding industry expectations.

Toll free service has increased at such a fast pace that the supply of available 1-800 numbers is at an all-time low. According to the Federal Communications Commission 1-800, 888, 877 and 866 numbers are increasingly popular for businesses and for personal use. With no plans for the addition of new numbers, the existing supply is quickly depleting.

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