Health Services Via Toll Free Number

Health and wellness services are now being offered nationwide using a toll free phone number to help patients reach health professional free of charge. Rite Aid customers can sign up fora wellness program that provides members with free health and wellness benefits, as well as shopping discounts and special prices. The free Rite Aid wellness+ program includes a 24/7 toll free phone number with access to a pharmacist. Plus, discounts are listed each week in Rite Aid’s weekly newspaper circulars, and there are special member-only temporary price reductions .Customers also call 1-800-RITEAID to apply for the wellness+ program, and the account will be activated in 24 hours.


The Threat Of Toll Free Number Rationing

Rationing is not a new concept. After 800 numbers ran dry in 1995 the federal government rationed numbers until the 888 numbers were launched a year later. The rationing of toll free numbers could a tighter squeeze on U.S. businesses, already in trouble with a shaky economy. Toll free service is essential for new companies, start-ups and any business trying to get a competitive edge. Insiders are concerned that if the existing available 800 numbers are rationed, some businesses could be doomed.

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