Toll Free Donations Continue 90 Days After Haiti Earthquake

Millions in donations for Haiti relief came through toll free phone numbers established by charitable organizations in the past 90 days. The American Red Cross has released a three-month progress report on its efforts in Haiti since the January earthquake and described its plans to support Haiti’s recovery over the next five years. Since the earthquake, the American Red Cross has raised more than $409 million for Haiti relief and recovery and has spent approximately $111 million. Donations can be made by phone at 1-800-REDCROSS or 1-800-257-7575 (Spanish).


FOIA Documents Show Feds Can Lojack Mobile Phones Without Help From Telcoms

Perhaps surprisingly, it’s only with the passage of the USA PATRIOT Act in 2001 that the government has needed any kind of court order to use triggerfish. While previously, the statutory language governing pen register or trap-and-trace orders did not appear to cover location tracking technology. Under the updated definition, these explicitly include any “device or process which records or decodes dialing, routing, addressing, and signaling information.”

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