Real Estate Rebounds. Creative Sales Include Toll Free Tracking.

Real estate is rebounding. A report on this morning’s NBC news indicated that house “flipping” is up and the market is growing. In the Miami region, thousands of empty new condos have been sold in recent weeks. And realtors are getting creative and using toll free to connect with homebuyers, realtors and to track markets. The partners in Hobson Group Realty launched an online “store” which offers a range of plans to assist people in buying and selling a home. Options include a commission-free strategy, where clients pay a monthly or one-time fee for services; or the traditional commission based on a percentage of the sale price. Home sellers and agents can also select tailored advertising in local publications. The venture is able to track advertising. It also uses a toll free phone number and can supply reports on the locations of each incoming call to help target promotions.


Toll-free Phone Number Supply Expected To Be Reduced

Thirteen years after the federal government rationed the dwindling supply of toll free numbers, reports are circulating that rationing will once again be implemented. Severe shortages of 800 numbers are forcing these extreme measures as a means of protecting the limited remaining supply.

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