Celebs Promote Charity Through Toll Free

We have written here about celebrities getting their own toll free phone numbers for personal use and to promote their “brand” meaning themselves and their image. Celebs are also promoting toll free charity toll free numbers. For instance, on Monday, April 26th, actor John Stamos hosted a Project Cuddle® event to raise awareness for the 24-hour, toll free crisis phone line to stop baby abandonment. Also on hand was Miss Teen USA Stormi Henley.Project Cuddle®, a non-profit charity, is the result of one woman’s crusade to help prevent infants from being abandoned.

Reported statistics suggest that an average of 57 children are abandoned each day. Project Cuddle’s® mission is to inform community members that frightened girls and women, some of whom may be hiding their pregnancy, can call anytime for confidential, safe and legal help by calling 1-88 TO CUDDLE or 1-888-628-3353.


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