“Hands Free” is the Way to… Be?

The California driving law will impose a fine of $20 for a first-time offense and a $50 fine for each additional offense. The bill allows exceptions for calls to law enforcement agencies for emergency purposes, or emergency services personnel while operating an authorized emergency vehicle. It makes you wonder if Maria Shriver, wife of then governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, was making an emergency call while caught in 2009 driving while talking on her cell. More odd was that Schwarzenegger also decided to pass a bill effectively banning paparazzi from photographing celebrities in personal settings – was he upset that his wife got caught on her cell? You know, lots of people are upset about a lot of things but you can’t go enacting laws just because you’re mad, if that was the case. Let’s try to help the people of California, not just try to get more money from them… Shall we?