Ringcentral Mobile App for iPad Falls Short at the Apple Store

Ringcentral.com has been touting lately that, by using the ringcentral mobile services, you can turn your iPad into a phone.  Although this may technically be possible;  users of the Ipad have said that Ringcentral’s claims in their marketing are not all what it appears to be.

With a high monthly price (paid to ringcentral) to turn your iPad into a phone, coupled with choppy service that rendered the Ipad phone by ringcentral basically useless – Businesses are not seeing the benefit in using Ringcentral on the iPad.  With one business owner saying that this is a marketing gimmick by Ringcentral.

According to the apple store, the ringcentral mobile app recieved an average of 3 of 5 star rating by it’s users, which is basically graded a “D”

Is There a Toll Free Left For Me?

Many people are asking themselves if they will be able to get a new toll free number. It’s hard to tell; times are tough. Read more here.

Creative Business Tools

Recently, insiders say 877 has become a popular choice for small and medium-size businesses. Small business owners’ need reliable marketing tools to increase the flow of new and repeat business and compete with bigger, sustained companies. Toll free numbers instantly win customer confidence, lend give small businesses legitimacy, and increase sales. Reports indicate that a toll free number listed in an ad can increase response by 600 percent and word of mouth referrals rise by 200 percent. With 98 percent of American adults regularly using toll free numbers, businesses securing an 800 number gain a strong competitive edge. Get more information here.