Toll Free Transfer Requirments

If you currently control your own 1-800 toll free phone number (or 888/877/866) and choose to transfer your toll free number to another company (also called ‘porting your number’) the company you are ransferring it to will require a bill copy, but why? Find out here.

Caught! Driving While Talking

California’s law to try and prevent accidents seems like a ploy to make more more money for the government. This law is surely the spawn of 2007’s California SB 33 in which people under 18 were forbidden from using a cell while driving. Now everyone is faced with a fine if caught. The fine itself isn’t actually that debilitating but once you add up all the extra taxes and fees, that little fine for the first offense turns into much more than you probably expected. Remember in October 2009 when Maria Shriver, wife of governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, was caught by paparazzi driving while cell phonin’ it? How embarrassing… 90% of us can’t afford a headset because of the economy and the people that can don’t have to obey the law? Give us a break, California.