Why Tap a Phone Line?

You might wonder why someone would want to “tap” a phone line. For fun? For business? To ensure quality? As a law enforcement tactic? There’s lots of reason why and there are important things everyone should know about how and why phone “tapping” came to play. Check this out to learn more!

Toll Free Seller: Busted!

Yes, you can get in trouble for trying to sell a toll free number – who knew? One person actually tried to auction off a toll free on the popular website Ebay…
Ouch! Read more in this guy here.

Air Travel Needs Toll Free

This holiday storm on the East Coast has had a trickle affect that is crippling flights nationwide. And air travel experts all agree–travelers should always call the toll free phone number of their airlines to discuss flight status and travel options. There are far better results than sending emails in these types of circumstances.