Growing Concerns Over Consumer Information Loss

There’s a growing concern over identity theft right now. Many people are being very careful when ordering things online, talking on their cell phones, and even whilst discussing accounts with their bank tellers for fear of eavesdropping bystanders. A new threat has been brought to the attention of business owners and consumers alike: VoIP toll free service. business owners love to spout about having a toll free number but when they try to save money by going with a VoIP provider they are putting themselves and their customers at risk. How safe would feel if you were talking about personal information by phone and knew that they used a VoIP toll free service where calls could be easily intercepted? Many fortune 500 companies use the best technologies available, and that’s fiber optic toll frees. Keep your business and customers safe by choosing a reputable toll free company that ONLY uses fiber optics. Here’s a link to some of the top sites.

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Fight Against Toll Free Rationing

By a narrow defeat, telecommunications insiders say a proposal to ration the limited supply of existing toll free numbers has suffered a loss at 800 Services management System (SMS/800). To fight the fight against toll free rationing click here.