855 Going Fast….

As we have stated, we expect that the supply of 855 toll free phone numbers will soon be depleted. These numbers have proven very popular.We do not expect an imminent release of the new 844 toll free numbers, but we do expect a release within the next 12-18 months. We will keep you posted.

Go Green with Toll Free eFax

Many companies have started offering paperless billing to save millions of paper each year – great idea! Bills are now sent electronically, an ideal format for money saving ventures and eco-minded individuals alike. If you are looking for more ways to “green it up” you should consider a new system sweeping the nation: efax! No more bulky fax machines and worrying about whether someone received your fax or not. Businesses use efax services with toll free numbers and people have started using them for personal use as well. Learn how to get your own efax here.

Bail Outs for Telecom Giants

America has heard the words “Bail-out” all too often in the past two years. The idea of a bail out sounds more like a friendly gesture (now that we’ve heard it so much) rather than the crisis state it actually is. Some one or entity does something they probably shouldn’t have and someone else needs to get them out of that situation. And WE the people have to pay for it? Do you think big businesses should be bailed out? Vote here.