Newly Released Toll Free Numbers

There have been lots of instances where people want a particular toll free number that has not been re-released back in to the system. Some times they can find out the day of release but then have to tale a day off to sit around and constantly ask if it’s ready yet. The SMS800 has finally decided to have all the numbers waiting to be released given back to the system at 11pm Central time. Read more about it here!

Can I Service My Own Toll Free?

Can you? Find out the steps to take, here.

Toll Free Helps Holders Of Gift Cards

Federal government restrictions on gift cards now requires the cards to include a toll free number for consumers to call regarding any limitations or fees associated with the cards. These rules are part of the overhaul of the credit system approved last year. With holiday gift giving season in full swing, and gift cards expected to make up 20 percent of holiday gifts, this toll free phone number will help consumers.