Toll Free Ads Pay Off

During a major NFL game aired last evening on ESPN, there were 15 out 18 commercials during the first quarter that advertised a 1-800 number. Goes to show that toll free phone numbers are the best marketing tool any company can have. 1-800 numbers pay off and the best marketing experts know their value.

How To Get a 1-800 Number

Getting a 1-800 can be tough. A general citizen cannot get one on their own and will require the assistance of a professional in the industry. Do your research and find the most reputable company you can. Different companies have there pros and cons. One thing is for sure:
Get your toll free now, or else… you may not get one at all.

Be a Better Business

You simply cannot be as effective a business without having a toll free number. Experts say that consumers recognize that many of the advantages of 1-800 numbers outweigh standard local phone service. Toll free service is becoming increasingly common with parents wishing to keep in close contact with children and teens. Businesses with a 1-800 number see increases in sales, word of mouth referrals and a decrease in product returns. Standard local phone service does not provide any of these advantages. Get more information on this pressing matter here.