Ringcentral Mobile App for iPad Falls Short at the Apple Store

Ringcentral.com has been touting lately that, by using the ringcentral mobile services, you can turn your iPad into a phone.  Although this may technically be possible;  users of the Ipad have said that Ringcentral’s claims in their marketing are not all what it appears to be.

With a high monthly price (paid to ringcentral) to turn your iPad into a phone, coupled with choppy service that rendered the Ipad phone by ringcentral basically useless – Businesses are not seeing the benefit in using Ringcentral on the iPad.  With one business owner saying that this is a marketing gimmick by Ringcentral.

According to the apple store, the ringcentral mobile app recieved an average of 3 of 5 star rating by it’s users, which is basically graded a “D”


2 Responses

  1. I just used Ring Central to make a few calls from my IPAD and callers told me that the voice quality was excellent.

    Since I have Ring Central as my business service I don’t agree with the comment above. As someone that actually uses the service both in my business I have nothing but good things to say about it.

    • Are you using your iPad to make calls for your business? you said you have made a few calls using this service, but people we spoke with agree that the ringcentral app is not reliable enough to use for business purposes.

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