Toll Free 866 Numbers Become More Popular. 855 Going Fast!

866 numbers, released by the Federal Communications Commission in 2000 to address the shortage of 800, 888, and 877 numbers are increasingly popular and becoming scarce. Meanwhile, the newest toll free numbers, the 855 area code, are going fast. Recent studies indicate that 9 out of 10 consumers recognize all the toll free area codes–800, 888, 877,866 and 855 as a toll free number.


A Toll Free Advisory Committee Official Recommendations

In recent years, members of the Tollfree Advisory Committee at have been repeatedly warning of the decline of available toll free phone numbers. To offset the anticipated impact of this scarcity of 1-800 numbers, the Tollfree Advisory Committee strongly recommended the release by the FCC of the reserved toll free area codes in 2010. And that happened! The 855 numbers were released last month and we are now awaiting the 844 numbers.