Popular News Station Covers TF Decline

“They should make November “Toll Free Awareness” month!” joked a passer by at a recent rally. It’s no joke for businesses that require toll free numbers and CBS, Denver was happy to report on the decline of toll frees in hopes of gaining more awareness. Businesses will strive to do all they can to keep customers happy and in most cases, getting a toll free number so that people can call them for free is a big plus. Read more on the news report here.

Veterans’ Assistance Through Toll Free Service

Today is Veteran’s Day and resources and assistance are available in many forms for our brave vets. For instance, in Massachusetts, free legal advice is available through the state’s Bar Association via a toll free telephone number. The assistance will be available on Wednesday, November 17 at 877-686-0711. Numerous other federal and state toll free phone numbers linked to offices and departments aimed at helping veterans are likewise available. Veterans can find this info online or by calling the offices of their elected officials.

FCC Reviews Use of Toll Free Numbers

The FCC has a long history of reviewing legislation with regard to the use of toll free. For instance, the Telecommunications Act of 1996 amended section 228 to impose more stringent restrictions on the use of toll-free numbers to charge consumers for information services. On July 11, 1996, the Commission amended its rules governing interstate pay-per-call (900 numbers) and other information services to address abusive practices that threatened public confidence in toll-free numbers and left telephone subscribers vulnerable to unexpected charges for calls and information services.