Ads Now Featuring 855 Phone Numbers.

As the popularity and recognition of the newly released 855 toll free area code numbers grows, we see more and more advertisements and websites including the new 855 number. 855 numbers are quickly being acquired as we wait for more news on the pending 844 toll free phone numbers. Those, too, are needed to ease the burden.

Can a State Say NO?

Many people wonder how far the law can go and who can stop it. You can start getting yourself acquainted with the restrictions of state and government officials here. Good luck!

Upcoming Workshop Focuses on Toll Free Scarcity

During an interactive workshop at an upcoming telecommunications conference, members of the Tollfree Advisory Committee at will be discussing the scarcity of available, good toll free numbers and how it is causing a surge of subscribers scurrying to obtain toll free. At previous discussions some of the attendees have feared that small businesses nationwide could see disastrous economic fallout. Toll free numbers are proven as an effective marking strategy that increases customer base and boosts revenue. The depletion of supplies are creating much discussion within the industry.