Toll Free To Contact Red Cross To Volunteer

The American Red Cross needs volunteers to make a difference with Service to Armed Forces Emergency Messaging.
This is something someone can do from their home using their computer and telephone. Volunteers sign up specifically for time slots that they are available. There is online training that will take three hours and an online mentoring method if you have any questions.

Call 1-800-REDCROSS for more information.


T.A.C. Believes Toll Free Database Must Be Reinforced

During a recent discussion with members of the Tollfree Advisory Committee, it was agreed that if the database of toll free numbers isn’t beefed up soon, the finite supply of toll free numbers could run out. Last year, a plea for the deactivation of unused 800 numbers resulted in a temporary surge of numbers returned to the main database. But despite these mass replacements, the supply of available toll free numbers continues to dwindle as thousands of subscribers register for a toll free number each day. It’s time for some action.

The Toll Free Industry

Industry Compliance

One Purpose of the Tollfree Advisory Committee (TAC) is to assist in arbitrating disputes between subscribers/Responsible Organizations/the Government/and end users of telephone and communications services.
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