Politics and Toll Frees

Political figures have gotten involved in our nations toll free problems recently, holding press conferences, working with telecom providers, etc. We would guess that working with big business is a politically smart move because so much of politics relies on donations by who else but businesses! Read more here.

Toll Free For Credit Scores

With mortgage rates lower than they have been in the past five decades, many people winding their way out of the economic downturn are house-hunting. First step? Use toll free service to get a free credit report. Anyone can request a free annual credit report through 877-322-8228. The report should be forwarded within two weeks. Learn your credit score for free with a toll fee phone number before you head to the realtor.

Toll Free Gurus Anticipate Possible Phone Service Embargo

Telecommunications industry sources now say an unthinkable embargo on new toll free phone service in the United States is a real possibility within the next year. Facing a severe shortage of available 800-numbers, a skyrocketing demand for toll free service and an emerging black market for 800 numbers, insiders say officials feel they are left with no choice but to impose an embargo.

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