Your Chance is Now To Get 855

After years of dealing with a depleted stock, toll free telephone numbers are now bolstered, thanks to the release of the new 855 toll free area code numbers. But the choice numbers are going quickly so once again the supply is diminishing. With at least a year to wait for the new 844 numbers, the chance is now to get a premium 855 toll free number. Before long, the 855 numbers will, too, be in short supply.


RADA Provides Toll Free Hotline for Farmers

The Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) has launched a toll free number 1-888-429-5723 aimed at helping farmers obtain valuable agricultural information without being concerned about the cost. The toll free line will not only help to reduce farmers’ communication expenses, but will allow for quick access to credible technical information related to their operations. Another way toll free helps society and brings information to a community.