Black Friday Savings Via Toll Free

Black Friday is just three days away but many consumers do not want to wait out in the cold at 5 a.m. on a long line to get savings on electronics and other holiday gifts. That is why so many retail stores are offering the same deals for shipping. Consumers who call the 1-800 number on Black Friday could get the same savings as those braving those long cold waits in the early morning hours outside the stores.


Unused Toll Frees Should Be Surrendered

The demand for retired numbers is so great that some companies are charging subscribers thousands of dollars to reserve one. Industry experts say that turnover of claimed numbers is minimal because toll free service is so effective and profitable that businesses, organizations, and non-profits who secure an 800 number tend to keep it.

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Covet the Copper

You have probably heard of old abandoned houses being gutted by scavengers for their copper pipes. They draw a pretty penny out there on the metal market. Contractors ended up not using copper pipes for a few reasons and now there seems to be a new breed of copper thieves… They are now taking telephone lines – that’s right!

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