A Month After 855 Number Released…..

Just a month after its release, it is clear that the new 855 toll free area codes are a resounding success. By all accounts, these numbers are quickly being optioned by subscribers. The supply will deplete more quickly than expected. But the new 844 numbers are not far behind. We expect that supply to be released within the next 12-18 months, creating even more toll free opportunities nationwide.

SMSGOV for Toll Free Information

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Hoarding Toll Free Numbers is an Actionable Offense

According to regulations enacted on April 11, 1997 by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) toll free phone numbers cannot be hoarded or brokered. These rules were approved after the FCC fielded numerous complaints about price gouging for catchy vanity numbers and popular numeric sequences. The FCC reports that anyone caught attempting to sell or broker an 800 number faces significant fines.