The Path Of the 855 Numbers

We are interested to see the FCC’s report on the acquisition and activations of the new 855 toll free area codes. We know that the new numbers have been very popular and that demand is high. The FCC will determine how quickly the numbers are activated. At some point after that, the 844 numbers will come into play. The need is high and even with the new 855 numbers, supplies will soon be low again. The 844 back-up numbers will help.

Irrational Rationing

Is it irrational to begin rationing toll free number out? Some think not; in fact, some think that a toll free number should only be “not available” to another person if it’s getting use. It’s not likely that the day will come where you can lose your toll free number for non-usage but it’s possible… Read more here.

Dealers Use Toll Free Numbers as Marketing Tool

From Dealer Marketing Magazine: Times have changed and finding the perfect and available toll-free phone number to use in your advertising campaigns is a challenge. Sure, you can get any numeric toll-free from your phone company, but who wants that? You want something unique and, in today’s economic environment, you need something unique to brand your dealership, bring in more leads, and stand out from your competition.