When Transferring Your Toll Free Number a Bill Copy is a MUST

Legitimate phone companies require a copy of your bill to port-in an 1-800 phone number. Conversely, there are also illegitimate “toll free companies” in quotes because they are often shady, underhanded and deceitful shadowy entities lurking with no fixed address hoping to acquire your toll free phone number under their control. If you are a legitimate toll-free user, it’s important that you don’t fall into their trap. Oftentimes, upto 90% of their phone service is being used by scammers worldwide that buy from a shady phone company because it’s easier to get away with breaking the law and doing the kind of stuff that normal phone companies proactively prohibit; like Nigerian Bank Scams, or the phone number
used on the websites of Viagra bulk email SPAM.

Read more here.


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