Millions of New Toll Free Numbers Expected

When the new 855 toll free area codes are released as expected, just how many new numbers will that provide to us? Millions. There are 10,000 new numbers with each digit sequence. For instance, 855-111-???? would give us 10,000 new numbers. Many sequential digits are removed from the equation so the number is not an absolute. However, these millions of new possibilities would offer businesses many marketing options and help companies reach consumers in the best way possible–through a toll free phone call. Subscribers will be able to add additional toll free numbers or get brand new ones with the 855 area code. Its been a decade since the previous toll free area code was released. It is time for 855.


One Response

  1. Prior to making “888” toll-free numbers available to the public, the FCC allowed assignees of 1-800 numbers to pre-reserve the equivalent number in 1-888. This will NOT be the case with the release of the 855 code. Similar to how they released 877, there will be no pre-reservations, therefore the 855 version of your company’s vanity number is at risk of being picked up by competitors, trademark infringers, misdial-number brokers, and those involved in hoarding, warehousing and brokering of toll-free numbers.

    I am the Director of Regulatory Affairs at 800response. We are assembling a coalition of high profile toll-free users who are seeking to replicate their numbers in the new “855” code. The coalition will file a formal request with the FCC asking that they set-aside those numbers prior to the opening the 855 code. Once these “vanity numbers” are identified, they should be marked as “unavailable” and should not be released for reservation by the general public (similar to what was implemented during the release of the 888 toll-free code).

    Please contact me at 802-881-8940 to learn how you can support this important effort to protect your investment in your toll-free number(s).

    David Greenhaus

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