Caution When Researching 855 Numbers

You have certainly seen and heard much discussion about the pending release of the new 855 toll free area code phone numbers. It is very important to rely on trustworthy resources and to carefully consider all the information going around. Some entities are using questionable practices to entice people interested in a new 855 number. Learn all the information and be cautious. Deal with a service provider that has been around for awhile and who knows the industry.


Toll Free Numbers Reduce Security Risks

Concerns about Internet fraud and other scams can harm legitimate business sales. But business owners nationwide are finding solutions to this growing problem by using toll free phone numbers to communicate with their customers. Toll free phone numbers provide a sense of security for customers wary of scam businesses. Scammers won’t save the customer money by paying for the calls themselves. By offering toll free, business owners can distinguish themselves from the frauds.

Be Aware

As telecommunications experts, we are actively spreading the word about the scarcity of good toll free numbers. Are we succeeding? Business owners should be educated and prepared for the shortfall at a time when they may need the advantages of toll free the most. With the economy still floundering, this dearth of available 1-800 numbers comes at a time when economists are advising business owners to shift their marketing tactics to direct response—including using toll free to attract consumers and sustain relationships with existing customers. We know that toll free helps businesses. But getting good numbers, with supplies dwindling, is becoming a challenge. The best advice, still, is to obtain a good toll free phone number today.