Bill Murray Gets Personal Toll Free Phone Number

Read this post by the digital spy regarding Hollywood actor and comedian Bill Murry:

Bill Murray has claimed that he set up his own toll-free hotline where studio executives and agents can leave a message because he doesn’t want to be harassed by them. The actor has insisted that if the message is “interesting” enough, he returns the call but otherwise he enjoys the hassle-free method of avoiding trivial business meetings, reports Contactmusic.

The 59-year-old said: “I have this phone number that they call and talk. And then I listen. I just sort of decide. I might listen and say, ‘Okay, why don’t you put it on a piece of paper, and if it’s interesting, I’ll call you back, and if it’s not, I won’t’.


Release of 855 Numbers Essential

There have been shortages of good toll free numbers in the past. Remember, that to overcome shortages of 1-800 numbers, the 888 and 877 numbers were introduced in 1996 and 1998 respectively. Then, in 2000 the 866 numbers were added. Toll free numbers have become such a valuable commodity that the stock is once again depleted. Many people are asking……Where are the reserved 855 numbers? Will they be released soon?

What are your thoughts on the 855 numbers?

Social Security Gets Hot

That’s right – The social security office has released an 800 hotline for consumers to call! Many people that try to call the government office are likely to be senior citizens so this 800 number was quite necessary.

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