July and No 855 Numbers Yet

Here it is July 1 and we are still waiting for news on the release of the 855 toll free area code telephone numbers. We don’t expect a release in the next few days because of the holiday but earlier this spring we did hear rumors that the new collection of toll free numbers would soon be allowed for use. We also received a tip that there is “testing” of the yet-to-be-released 855 toll free telephone numbers. We didn’t get any specifics on what type of testing is being done on these area code numbers. The new 855 numbers would provide millions of opportunities for subscribers to get new custom toll free phone number for their business or personal use.


Call Capture Now Standard

The Call-Capture feature, available from some toll free carriers, is an indispensable marketing tool that can be used in a variety of ways. Using Real-Time Automatic Number Identification (ANI) every single call to a 1-800 number can be identified. ANI provides a business owner with the caller’s ten-digit phone number, even if the call came from a blocked number. With this tracking feature these blocked calls can be unblocked and made available to the subscriber. With every call to a toll free number accounted for, the subscriber can develop very specific marketing plans.

Heafty Fines For Toll Free Hoarders

What happens if regulators discover illegal hoarding or sales of toll free numbers. If the FCC discovers illegal hoarding, they immediately send out disconnect and suspend letters to the owner of the numbers. Additionally, the brokering of toll free numbers can result in hefty fines. Remember, last year, an astounding daily fine of $11,000 was reportedly imposed on a California company accused of improperly using toll free numbers.