Day 83. Toll Free Continues To Help With Oil Spill Info

Day 83 and the oil is still gushing through the Gulf Of Mexico. Florida State officials are trying to connect with people and information through a toll free telephone number. If oil is sighted on Florida’s coastline report it to the State Warning Point at 1-877-2-SAVE-FL (1-877-272-8335).


877 Numbers Provide Relief to Beleaguered Businesses

With 1-800 numbers becoming more and more difficult to obtain, some business owners are finding relief by securing 877 numbers.

Supplies of 800 numbers are decreasing while demand is growing. According to the Federal Communications Commissions, toll free service is a valuable commodity for businesses and popularity is consistently on the rise. The availability of toll free numbers is plummeting yet there are no immediate plans by the FCC to overcome the shortage by launching the reserved 855 numbers

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Protect Yourself with a Toll Free

Toll Free companies often get asked by customers if they will be charged when someone calls their toll free number as a solicitor. The good news is that solicitors shouldn’t be calling toll free numbers and can actually receive a hefty fine for doing so! Another concern is that of prank callers. If you have a fear of someone using your toll free number inappropriately you can worry no more – you get the caller identification of the person calling. If it’s a prank call you will have the proper information needed to determine who has called. Many people believe that a person will not do a prank call if they know they will be known. Touche!

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