Toll Free Held Hostage

Toll free providers are as apt anyone to make a mistake. Sometimes the mistake can cost you big time…

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What Problems May I Come Across When Ordering a Toll Free Number?

Today, 98 percent of adults say they regularly use toll free numbers. Meanwhile, the supply of 800 numbers are at an all-time low. More than two-thirds of the available numbers are taken and there are no immediate plans by the FCC to introduce a new pre-fix.

Telecommunications experts recommend that anyone wishing to obtain a toll free number secure one immediately. There are an average of 8,000 new toll free numbers registered each day. With a limited number of numerical possibilities, the supply is nearly expended.

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Major Recalls. Get Info Through Toll Free Service

Major recalls announced on a number of products ranging from medicine to baby products. Once again, toll free phone service is allowing consumers to learn more information immediately. Go to for more info.