Millions of New Toll Free Numbers Expected

When the new 855 toll free area codes are released as expected, just how many new numbers will that provide to us? Millions. There are 10,000 new numbers with each digit sequence. For instance, 855-111-???? would give us 10,000 new numbers. Many sequential digits are removed from the equation so the number is not an absolute. However, these millions of new possibilities would offer businesses many marketing options and help companies reach consumers in the best way possible–through a toll free phone call. Subscribers will be able to add additional toll free numbers or get brand new ones with the 855 area code. Its been a decade since the previous toll free area code was released. It is time for 855.


Heafty Fines Imposed on Toll Free Hoarders

What happens if regulators discover illegal hoarding or sales of toll free numbers. If the FCC discovers illegal hoarding, they immediately send out disconnect and suspend letters to the owner of the numbers. Additionally, the brokering of toll free numbers can result in hefty fines. Remember, last year, an astounding daily fine of $11,000 was reportedly imposed on a California company accused of improperly using toll free numbers.

Considering A Toll Free? Look No Further!

Business owners really want toll free service. It pays to look around at the various providers but one major thing is for sure: “Having a toll free number really increases business,” says one, and many other, business owners. If you look at the list of Fortune 500 companies you won’t see any without a toll free number gracing the pages of their ads, websites, or product lines. The answer to ‘why?’ was simple… You make yourself more available by having a toll free. You let potential customers know that you are willing to foot the bill in the hopes that they will buy your product. You don’t ask for anything in advance accept a chance!

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