2010 Updated Government Toll Free Numbers

This is a good resource for all the Federal government toll free phone numbers available: http://www.info.gov/toll-free.htm

Demand for 800 Numbers Surpasses Expectations

So, where are all the 800 numbers going? Industry experts say toll free service is now a staple of any type of business. Small business owners, following the lead of the CEO’s of nearly half the Fortune 500 companies, are securing toll free vanity phone numbers as a strategic marketing tool. Personal use of toll free numbers has skyrocketed as parents secure an 800 number to stay in touch with their teens, college-aged children, and elderly parents.

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Market Yourself Wealthy

The purpose of a marketing campaign is to make a memorable advertisement so that consumers are more likely to want your product. Think of the commercials you see on television for a mouthwatering slice of pizza. 5 minutes ago you weren’t hungry at all and now that you see a decadent piece of pizza you’re running for the phone. Having a 1-800 number attached to your add is likely to send you running for your money – literally! You’ll get so much more business that the money you make won’t even compare.

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