Happy Independence Day From SMSGOV!!

Happy Fourth of July from everyone at SMSGOV!

1-800 Numbers Help Vets Reach Services This Holiday Weekend

This week of July Fourth, veterans’ groups nationwide typically receive twice the number of inquiries and requests for help than at other times of the year. usual. There are numerous veterans advocacy services available through 1-800 phone number inquiries. There are several dozen toll free numbers listed exclusively for organizations and agencies offering some type of service for U.S. veterans. (866-VETS-NJ4U and 800-273-TALK are two examples.)


Federal Oversight

The FCC does not play a role in the assignment of new toll free numbers. Instead, they regulate the guidelines under which 1-800 numbers can be used and obtained. For instance, the FCC has declared that the hoarding and warehousing of numbers is prohibited and punishable with severe fines—recently illustrated by a citation for an $11,000 fine each day a California company continued to implement improper toll free practices. Numbers are assigned by toll free carriers (resp. orgs) and phone companies. Subscribers have the option of shopping around for the best quality and the best rates.