855 Numbers Coming

Lots of interesting response to yesterdays post about the announcement that there has been an official request to the FCC for the release of the 855 toll free area code phone numbers. There is probably a lot more info coming so we will keep you posted.

Internet Phone Lines May Be Problematic With 911 Calls

The Timesunion.com is reporting troubles with broadband phone service and 911. Phone service over the Internet can cause problems for callers trying to reach 911 that traditional phone lines (and fiber optic technology) don’t have. Emergency assistance professionals are advising callers whose home phone line is the Internet to manually check to see that the 911 system knows where to find them.


Closer to the New Toll Free

If you are one of the many American business owners looking for new toll free phone service and are having a hard time finding a memorable one, you will be excited to know that toll frees should be expanding soon!

You can read more about this one here.