As Soon As We Hear About 855……

Here in this industry we field a lot of questions about telecommunications and, in particular, toll free telephone service. Most notable lately are questions about whether or not new 855 area codes will become available for use. As we have stated here many times, we are still unsure exactly when the 855 numbers will be released but the rumors suggest very soon. We will continue to keep all our readers posted and as soon as we hear anything at all about 855 numbers we will let you know through this blog.


FCC Makes Arrest in Toll Free Brokering Sting

According to the FCC, anyone who is caught hoarding or selling toll free numbers will face severe penalties. In the past these have included an $11,000 fine per incident.

The demand for 800 numbers is at an all-time high. Finite supplies of available 800, 888, 877 and 866 numbers are plummeting. Making the situation worse, hopes that the new 855 numbers would soon be released have been dashed as insiders report the launch of the numbers may be held off until 2011. Meanwhile more than two-thirds of available numbers have been taken and millions of news numbers are registered each year.

According to the FCC, toll free numbers are becoming increasingly popular for business and personal use.

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Any Truth to the Rumors?

Some telecommunications sources are worried that an embargo on new toll free phone service is a real possibility. There is even speculation that could happen this year. Facing a severe shortage of available 800-numbers, a skyrocketing demand for toll free service and an emerging black market for 800 numbers, insiders say some officials feel they are left with no choice but to impose an embargo.