AT&T’s Official Stance on Toll Free Number Brokering

Brokering a toll-free number or selling it to the highest bidder is not something that AT&T supports, as it violates our tariff with the Federal Communications Commission. Businesses have been known to broker specific vanity numbers, but the practice can lead to problems for other businesses who want to acquire vanity numbers legitimately.

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Federal Oversight of Toll Free Management

The FCC has a long history of reviewing legislation with regard to the use of toll free. For instance, the Telecommunications Act of 1996 amended section 228 to impose more stringent restrictions on the use of toll-free numbers to charge consumers for information services. On July 11, 1996, the Commission amended its rules governing interstate pay-per-call (900 numbers) and other information services to address abusive practices that threatened public confidence in toll-free numbers and left telephone subscribers vulnerable to unexpected charges for calls and information services.