855 Numbers Delayed Until October 9

As it often happens, the FCC has delayed the release of the new 855 phone numbers to October 9. We expected the new numbers on october 2. We will keep you posted so you are ready to get custom 855 numbers as soon as they are available.

How Do Consumers Know What Companies They Can Trust?

Concerns about Internet fraud and other scams can harm legitimate business sales. But business owners nationwide are finding solutions to this growing problem by using toll free phone numbers to communicate with their customers. Toll free phone numbers provide a sense of security for customers wary of scam businesses. Scammers won’t save the customer money by paying for the calls themselves. By offering toll free, business owners can distinguish themselves from the frauds.


Know What to Expect When Acquiring Toll Free Service

Subscribers can choose from a list of specific services and products not available through regular phone service. With toll free service, they never pay for options they don’t need and won’t use.

Subscribers to toll free service have a distinct advantage because they retain ownership of their 800 number permanently. The service and number goes with them if they move and expand their business, and the cost is dependent on the specific services used. Subscribers simply sign up for service and choose the precise features they need.

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