Not Surprised At The Demand For The New 855 Numbers

We have been reporting on how swiftly the 855 toll free phone numbers are getting taken by new subscribers, and it has not slowed down. Nationwide, business owners and others are getting an 855 custom toll free phone number. We are not surprised. The market has demanded this for years now. And next, will come the 844 numbers. They, too, will be will greatly sought-after.


Toll Free Supplies Limited Until Number Pool is Expanded

Some argue that there are plenty of good toll free numbers still available. Actually, the supply is limited, resulting in an increase in hoarding of these valuable numbers and other improper practices. Some business owners and professionals settle for an adequate phone number …but one that isn’t exactly what they wanted. With the pending release by the FCC of new numbers, these burdens will ease and everyone will benefit.

Many New Hotlines Established to Help Those in Need

In addition to the previously announced toll free numbers to help provide assistance and information about the flu, millions of other toll free hotlines are available to help people in distress, victims of natural disasters, or just for those seeking information or looking to report a problem.
When toll free service first became popular, a handful of 1-800 hotlines were established. Now, there are millions of 24-hour hotlines offering assistance for people in almost any circumstance.