State Uses Toll Free To Connect With Victims

Below is an Associated Press article about more governmental toll free phone number use. This is becoming a common way for officials to connect with constituents.

Government officials in North Carolina want to hear from people who say they were sterilized through a state program that ended almost 40 years ago. A state agency announced Tuesday a toll-free number for callers to provide information and confirm the identification of someone who was sterilized under the authority of the North Carolina Eugenics Board. More than 7,600 people were sterilized by choice or coercion under the program between 1933 and 1973. Callers will have to fill out a verification form.

Gov. Beverly Perdue created a foundation designed to determine how to compensate victims. But there’s no money set aside right now for that assistance. The N.C. Justice for Sterilization Victims Foundation said verification doesn’t guarantee the person will receive compensation.

The toll free number is 1-877-550-6013 and will operate from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Verification forms also are available online at


Some Carriers Have Back Stock of Good 800 Numbers

Despite the nationwide shortage of toll free numbers, there are some carriers that can still provide subscribers with suitable 800 and vanity numbers for immediate ownership. This news may come as a relief to some business owners who have been finding it difficult to obtain a good toll free number. By researching different carriers, subscribers will find some that have ample stock, for now.

As Toll Free Number Pool Shrinks, Black Market Grows

As with any commodity in high demand, a black market for toll free numbers is growing. We hear that regulators are scrambling to control the illegal sales of valuable 800 numbers. With toll free service soaring in popularity while finite supplies of available numbers drop, attempts to illegally buy and sell choice numbers on the black market is increasing.

According to regulations enacted in 1997 by FCC, toll free phone numbers cannot be sold or brokered. These rules were approved after the FCC fielded numerous complaints about price gouging for catchy vanity numbers and popular numeric sequences. The FCC reports that anyone caught attempting to sell or broker an 800 number faces significant fines.