More Opportunities With 855 and 844 Numbers

Just like 855 area code phone numbers just did (and 800, 888, 877 and 866 before that) the new 844 toll free numbers will add millions of options for subscribers looking for a perfect custom number to match a business name, brand or a domain name. When the 844s come out, there will be many more opportunities for toll free subscribers.


SMS/800 Puts Spare Number Release System into Effect

With the implementation of SMS/800 Release 16.0, numbers scheduled for automatic spare are released at 11 pm Central.

Previously, the system spared numbers throughout the day as their waiting periods expired, but users interested in reserving the number once it was spare never knew exactly when the number would be available.

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Toll Free Service Costs Can Vary

Toll free phone service has become an affordable and reliable option that offers customers countless features and price points to meet their individual needs.

Subscribers will never encounter any surprise costs and hidden fees with toll free numbers obtained through a reputable service provider. Subscribers can choose from a list of specific services and products not available through regular phone service. With toll free service, they never pay for options they don’t need and won’t use.

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