Savvy Subscribers Move Fast on 855 Numbers

Reports are rampant that the new 855 toll free phone numbers are quickly being secured by businesses, charities and for personal use nationwide since their release last week. Service providers are reporting high volume of interest in the new 855 phone numbers. The best combinations will indeed go fast. Then, the next round will be the 844 phone numbers will will likewise be scooped up swiftly by savvy subscribers.


Custom 1-800 Numbers a Thing of the Past?

Toll free numbers have such an extreme positive impact on any company, that it is rare for business owners to cancel their numbers. A plea for unused numbers to be released offered a brief reprieve earlier this year. But within weeks, the supply dropped again as thousands of new subscribers invested in toll free service each day.

Toll free service has a long history. 800 numbers were introduced in 1967. By the 1980s, nearly half of all long distance calls would be toll free. Today, 98 percent of adults say they regularly use toll free numbers.

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T.A.C. Update on Reintroduced Rationing Bill

Growing concern about the limited stock of 800 numbers is creating an even higher demand. The FCC cites toll free service as a “proven” marketing tool for increasing and sustaining business. In fact, studies show that telephone orders can increase up to 60 percent and word of mouth referrals can rise by 200 percent. American adults report that they make an average of 60 toll free calls per year.