Ready. Set. Go! 855 Numbers

Are you ready for your new custom 855 toll free phone number? With millions of new options under 855, volume is expected to be high when the phone numbers are released. Be prepared to get your number. Contact a reputable Resp Org/provider today and find out how to secure your number asap.


Telecom Insiders Warn of Possible Embargo

Telecommunications industry sources now say an unthinkable embargo on new toll free phone service in the United States is a real possibility within the next year. Facing a severe shortage of available 800-numbers, a skyrocketing demand for toll free service and an emerging black market for 800 numbers, insiders say officials feel they are left with no choice but to impose an embargo.

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FCC May Empose Embargo to Counteract Toll Free Black Market

Business owners who wait much longer to obtain a number might find themselves out of luck. In a competitive market, a toll free number is a valuable commodity for every business.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has a stockpile of new 855 numbers reserved to address the shortage but these numbers are not expected to be released anytime soon. With available 800, 888, 877, and 866 numbers at all all-time low, insiders fear the numbers will run completely dry, hurting business and creating an out-of-control black market.

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