Toll Free 855 and 844 Widen The Market

The newly released 855 area code toll free numbers and the pending 844 area code numbers will drastically ease the burden of the dearth of toll free numbers available to the average subscriber. The introduction of these two toll free area codes offers 10 million new toll free phone number options. This widening of the market helps businesses of all sizes and helps the consumer.


What Exactly Does “Porting” a Toll Free Number Mean?

In 1991, the Federal Communications Commission enacted a regulation that made 1-800 numbers ‘portable’—this simply means the number can be moved from carrier to carrier. (This is referred to as “porting” the number.) The idea was that subscribers should never have to worry about losing control of their preferred phone number if they switch carriers and they should never be locked into inferior phone service.

Release of Additional Toll Free Area Codes Could Alleviate Strain

Rationing of toll free numbers could be avoided when the anticipated new toll free area codes are released. Insiders are speculating that there will be a shift in the telecommunications industry over the next 18 months as the expanded supply of good toll free numbers becomes available. The shortage has been a problem for many business owners in recent years and the time is now for the new numbers to be released.