FCC Monitoring 855 Reservations

The FCC has released data indicating that it will be using new computer technology to monitor the RESPORG activity for new 855 number reservations.

Some of the data the FCC will be analyzing is the Quanity of 855 numbers registered each day and the Length of time before each number is put into an Active status. The FCC has also commissioned at least one private company to compare, monitor, and report calling traffic on ALL newly registered 855 toll free numbers until June 18th of 2011.


Toll Free Customer Support Expected

American consumers expect a toll free call. Those of us in the telecommunications industry know that if company does not offer 1-800 numbers to assist customers with tech support or payment assistance, it may not succeed.
Toll free phone service has become such a staple of retail and service companies that they are now expected by most customers. Without toll free, many companies are at risk.

855 A Success. Now, We Wait For 844 Numbers.

The new 855 toll free phone numbers are already a big success. Next, we look to the release of the 844 numbers. These should be released within the next 12-18 months, further addressing the shortage of the toll free number supply. With drafting of the release schedule already in place, these newest toll free supplies will be welcomed by millions of subscribers and consumers.