855 Area Code Could Be Launched Tomorrow

If reports are accurate, the new 855 toll area code numbers could be released as early as tomorrow. Be prepared and use an established toll free service provider. Get your ideal custom number ready to launch by speaking with a provider in advance. There are millions of new phone number combinations with each area code so there will be ample new options. We will keep you posted.


Ownership of a Toll Free Number is the Best Way to Go

Toll Free clients should be advised that they could be unpleasantly surprised down the road if they rent or lease a toll free phone number. Ownership is generally better and far less risky as there can be no surprise loss of a valued number due to canceled service.

877 Number Supply Decreasing as Focus Shifts from 1-800s

In the past, 800 and 888 pre-fixes have been the most popular choices of subscribers. Experts say this was due mostly to the lack of public awareness that 877 and 866 were also toll free. But in recent years, this situation has changed. Reports now indicate that the majority of the public recognizes all four pre-fixes as toll free. Business owners are quickly taking advantage of the 877 numbers.

But now with the overall supply of available toll free numbers dwindling, 877 numbers are going fast.

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