Get Your Toll Free Up and Running Now

Heard from a distraught new business owner yesterday who tried seven combinations for a new toll free phone number. But all seven were already taken. He wanted to know about new toll free area codes. Should he wait, then use his favorite phrases when 855 became available? (his seven first-picks are all very common themes for his type of business so I was not surprised they were taken) Here is the advice I offered him: Work with an established, reputable service provider and find a suitable alternative to use for now. Get creative. Then talk to the provider about how to be prepared when the 855 numbers are released so he can jump on his first pick phrases right away. He is better off with an operating toll free phone number rather than standard service. So if he has to wait for awhile to get his preferred phrase with an 855 area code, in the meantime he will have another toll free number up and running.


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