Still No Word on When Toll Free 855 Numbers Will Be Released

With several million new toll free numbers registered each year, the supply of toll free numbers is quickly depleting. The scarcity is causing a rush to obtain new toll free numbers or to register for disconnected numbers returned back to the system. Experts say this type of intense demand can lead to price-gouging and unethical hidden fees. The safest and most cost effective way to secure a toll free number is to contact a reputable service provider such as the one we list on our COMPANIES page at SMSGOV.COM.

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Fiber-Optic Lines Preferred By Major Telecoms

As the use of toll free phone service grows at record rates, the popularity of fiber optic toll free service is now far exceeding that of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service.

In fact, recent news reports indicate that many companies are dropping VoIP systems and replacing them with fiber optic service, the most advanced technology available.

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