Summer Concert Season Heats Up With Toll Free Numbers

The summer concert and event season is heating up, ads are popping up all over with toll free telephone numbers for tickets and information. Many of these numbers are temporary numbers set up specifically for the event. Once the concert or event is over, the number is disconnected. This is becoming a more and more popular way to connect with consumers. Toll free numbers are so easy to set up, can be routed to many phone lines and are very cost-effective. Temporary toll free numbers are convenient for the organizers of all types of events.


Approved List of Toll Free Service Providers

In addition to the complete list of toll free telephone companies maintains; SMS-GOV.US also maintains a list of approved Toll Free Service Providers. We have compiled the full list here:

Phone Service May Be Put on Hold in the U.S.

Recent reports have referred to the situation as the ‘the perfect storm” meaning the shortage of numbers, the soaring demand, and the failure of the federal government to release reserved numbers have all collided to create a situation in which rationing, an embargo or even a complete depletion of 800 numbers is possible.

More than two-thirds of the available supply of 800, 888, 877, and 866 numbers are taken and millions of new subscribers are registering every year. Business owners who wait much longer to obtain a number might find themselves out of luck. In a competitive market, a toll free number is a valuable commodity for every business.

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